अपने शहर को स्वच्छ रखने में हमारी मदद करें। कूड़ा कूड़ेदान में ही ड़ालें

Brief History

Welcome to Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation(BMC)



At first Bhagalpur become Nagarpalika in 1864. After that Bhagalpur nagarpalika promoted to Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation on dated 15-april-1981. Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation received a notification from governor of Bihar on dated 24-April-1981 whose letter no is 572 and will follow the Patna Municipal Corporation Act, 1951. Now presently Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation is follow the Nagarpalika Act, 2007 Which is notified by Government of Bihar? The first elections of the councilors were completed in 2002.

Present Administrative setup

Recent election of The Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation was held by the State Election Commission, Bihar, Patna in May 2012. There are 51 wards in BMC and Ward Councilors have been elected for each ward. According to the provisions of the Bihar Municipal Act 2007, there are following Municipal authorities: (a) The Corporation (b) The Empowered Standing Committee (c) The Municipal Commissioner The BMC consists of a Hon’ble Mayor, a Hon’ble Deputy Mayor and 49 other Hon’ble Ward Councillors. The BMC functions through an Empowered Standing Committee which consists of 9 Hon’ble Ward Councilors including Hon’ble Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The administration of the Corporation is under the direct control of the Municipal Commissioner.

About Bhagalpur City

Distorted but derived from Bhagdatpuram, meaning City of Good Luck, situated in the planes of the Ganga basin, at about 141 feet above sea level. Bhagalpur is located 220 km east of Patna and 410 km North West of Kolkata. Geographically, it is located at 25° 15\\\’ 0″ North latitude and 87° 0\\\’ 0″ East longitude on the southern alluvial plains of River Ganga. Bhagalpur is a city in the state of Bihar in Eastern India. Bhagalpur, one of the oldest districts of Bihar is located in the Southern region. Bhagalpur, the “Silk City “of Bihar, is famous for its sericulture, manufacture of silk yarn, and Weaving of Tussar silk. The Bhagalpur cluster ranks second highest in silk fabric production and exports after the silk cluster in Karnataka. The third largest urban centre of the state, Bhagalpur is a district headquarter serving multiple functions of an administrative, trade and commerce, service and distribution centre, especially for crops, cottage industry of silk products and tourism. Bhagalpur is well connected with the rest of the country through rail and road networks. NH 80 runs through the city and connects it to Patna. In addition, SH 19 and 25 are the main arterial roads. Bhagalpur is a Nagar Nigam covering 30.17 sq km. The town is divided into 51 wards. The population of the town was 3.40 lakhs as per Census 2001 – this was 14% of the district population. The average population density of the town is 113 persons per hectare. Bhagalpur is the third largest urban centre in the state. Within the city, Karngarh can be a visiting place, Digamber Jain Temple, Christ Church, Hazrat Ghuran Shah Rahmatuallah near about Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation and the famous city Clock Tower, which is also known as Deep Narayan Smarak. Besides Burhanath Temple there lies a Bhagalpur Museum on the riverside in Jogsar Mohallah; However it is in a very ruined shape, but it gives you the history of Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur also poses a unique history of the Vishahri Asthan, the venue for the Bihula Puja or the Mansa Puja held every year in the month of July, while the snakes are also worshipped at the time of Naga Panchmi. A little ahead of Vishahri Asthan lies the beautiful and equally important Durga Asthan. Next to it is the Mahashay Deorhi – a typical Thakur Bari. Mahashay was the honorary hereditary title given to Sri Ram Ghosh, the collector in 1664 by the Akbar himself. This gives a clear picture of Bhagalpur’s valued history. It happens to be a must visit place, anyone who is a resident of Bhagalpur or a traveller. It refreshes the memory of a typical Mughal Zamindar´s residence of deorhi complete with open courtyard.


1. Area of BMC : 3017ha

2. Wings : 14

3. Population As per 2011 census : 399282

4 Category of Town : “B”

5 Height from Sea Level :141ft

6 No. of Wards : 51

7 Total No. of Holdings : 64192

8 Solid Waste Generated :300 MT/Day

9 No. of Big Drains : 16

10 No. of Roads & Streets Primary Road-16,MainRoad-77,remaining are other Road

11 No. of High Mast Lights : 35

12 No. of Dhobhi Ghats :2 But not Registered

13 No. of Parks :1(Lajpat Park)

14 No. of Water Supply Pumps :60