अपने शहर को स्वच्छ रखने में हमारी मदद करें। कूड़ा कूड़ेदान में ही ड़ालें


Bhagalpur, being a district headquarters has good quality social infrastructure facilities
Including higher level education and health facilities. However, recreational and
Community facilities are insufficient in the city.
The city is a hub of educational activities for the surrounding towns and villages. There are 406 government schools comprising 308 primary schools, 74 middle schools, and 24 high schools, including degree colleges (6), Engineering colleges (1), Medical colleges(1), Agriculture University, ITI(1) and polytechnic (1) for higher and technical educational facilities in the city.

Currently there are no any education department in Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation But
BMC will take the projects very soon which are under government schemes for enhancing the education and literacy in the urban poor.